Garda injured after car theft


A file is being prepared by the Director of Public Prosecutions in relation to the theft of a car which ultimately led to a Co. Tipperary Garda being dragged along the road by the vehicle in question,

28 year old Garda John Collins and a collegue were on patrol on Saturday night when they came across a stolen vehicle in the village of Kilcommon

The vehicle in question had being stolen in Clonmel earlier that day.  Garda Collins is reported to have approached the vehicle in order to question the driver but as he did so the driver accelerated dragging the garda along the road.

Garda Collins was thrown against the wall as the driver attempted to make his get away.   After driving down a laneway  he was  arrested by Garda Collins and his colleague.

The garda was taken to the Mid West Regional Hospital for treatment.

The suspect is believed to be from North Tipperary and is due to face charges relating to two burglaries and the unauthorised taking of the stolen car.