Complaints to Standards in Public Office Commission


Complaints about North Tipperary TD Michael Lowry are to be forwarded to the Standards in Public Office Commission for investigation

The decision was made after the Commitee on Member's Interests met today to consider 380 complaintsmaintaining that he  had breached ethics in public office legislation. These complaints were in relation to land interests he has in the UK but failed to disclose.

All politicians are obliged to declare any assets with a value of €13,000 or more.

He maintained that the lands were practically worthless, saying as such the rules governing disclosue did not apply.

Meeting today, the Committee on Member's Interests decided that the Standards in Public Office Commission is best placed to conduct an inquiry. The complaints have now been forwarded to SIPO.

Mr Lowry has since declared tha land interests but continues to maintain they are of little value.