Call for County Council to make car parks at Tipperary’s beauty spots more secure.

There has been a call for the County Council to take some measures to make car parks at many of Tipperary’s beauty spots more secure.
Hill walker Jimmy Barry, who is also a member of SEMRA made the suggestion after two cars were broken into in the Glencush area of the Glen of Aherlow recently.  The break-ins occurred as the owners were walking on the Galtee Mountains.

Mr Barry said that the problem is common in Ireland, with cars being broken into while people are attending Mass or while car owners are watching a match.
He has advised people not to leave valuables in their car and especially not to leave valuables or money visible.  He has also called on the council and Coillte to give something back to the profitable tourism industry by providing some level of security in car parks that are used by hill walkers and tourists in general.