Today’s Scheduled Court Case Involving New Inn Man Adjourned


Today’s scheduled court case involving New Inn man Sean Meehan has been adjourned until later this Summer.

Mr Meehan is facing enforcement proceedings in respect of a home he has provided for himself on land he owns in New Inn.

The home consists of a mobile home with log cabin type cladding.

Tipperary county council received a complaint from a neighbour that the development did not have planning permission and began enforcement proceedings.

Mr Meehan has had two planning applications refused to date, the applications did not include some information that might have resulted in a different outcome, and also failed to lodge an appeal with An Bord Pleanála to have the council decisions overruled.

Tipperary planning office is now due to give a decision on the latest planning application on Wednesday next June 12th

A judge in December 2023 ordered Mr Meehan to return the site to a green field status or face a term in prison.

Supporters of Mr Meehan  have highlighted  that he is providing a home for himself at his own expense when the state can install modular housing for refugees without planning permission under emergency legislation currently in place.

Mr Meehan has also engaged with the Housing section of Tipperary County Council and given the long waiting lists for social housing the action by Mr Meehan to provide a home for himself is likely to be a factor in his favour at any future court hearings.