Grant Approval For 77 Tipperary Properties Under The Urban Regeneration and Development Fund


77 vacant and derelict properties in county Tipperary have been granted approval under Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF) Call 3. A €5 million allocation to the county is estimated to possibly provide a potential yield of 557 homes in Tipperary.

The fund is specifically targeted at addressing long term vacancy and dereliction across cities and towns and at the provision of residential accommodation.

The Tipperary allocation of €5m fund is to be used by Tipperary County Council to cover the purchase price of properties (residential and commercial) and any minor works required to make the property more suitable for sale e.g. improving access, tidying up, opening up to facilitate inspections etc. 

Acquired properties are then to be offered for private sale to those who in return will commit to bringing the property back into residential use. Purchasers of these properties are also able to defray the costs of returning them to use by accessing the Vacant and Derelict Property Refurbishment Grant, the SEAI energy efficiency grants or the Repair and Leasing Scheme subject to eligibility.

Nationally, 1,224 vacant and derelict properties in URDF areas have been identified and approved under the scheme at a total cost of €142.5 and  the estimated residential yield from these properties is 5,406 homes. The approach is expected to tackle dereliction, improve urban centres and also make the most sustainable use of existing buildings.