Freephone Number To Assist Visually Impaired Voters Set Up For The Upcoming Elections


Tipperary County Council has set up a Freephone number to assist visually impaired voters in the upcoming Local Elections.  The number to call is 1 800 112 222.

Voters can use the dedicated service to hear the details of the candidates running in their local area for the June 7th Election. There are 8 local electoral areas across county Tipperary.   Each individual candidate has a corresponding number assigned which will be on the Ballot Paper Template available at the voter’s Polling Station. Voters who may be visually impaired are advised to ask the Presiding Officer to attach a  template to their ballot paper so that they can vote in secret on June 7th and ensure their preference is accurately recorded. Raised numbering and Braille on the Template guide the voter to the relevant candidate location on the Ballot Paper.