Road Safety Measures To Be A Key Election Issue According To Local Election Candidate John O’Heney


Local Election Candidate John O’Heney says road safety measures in West Tipperary are emerging as a key election issue.  County Tipperary had the highest number of road fatalities nationally in 2023 and also has the most deaths on Irish roads so far this year. Mr O’Heney says he regularly observes cars driving through villages and urban areas at high speeds which he says is unacceptable.

Residents in the villages of Emly, Bansha and Golden have been particularly vocal about their concerns regarding Road Safety according to the 2024 candidate who praised the implementation of a 50Km speed limit in Galbally. Mr O’ Heney says Traffic Calming Measures should not have an impact on the manoeuvrability of Commercial or Agricultural vehicles and adds that maintenance works to remove surface water and prevent damage to road surfaces need to be the focus of attention.

Nationwide Garda are today continuing with a Speed Enforcement Operation  as part of a 24 hour Slow Down day which will continue until 7am tomorrow.