Hope For A National Title Win For Tipperary Town At The National Juvenile Boxing Championships


As the national juvenile boxing Championships continue at the National Stadium in Dublin until Sunday hopes are rising that a national title might make it’s way to Tipperary town.

Over the course of the next 24 hours 3 members of the Tipperary town boxing club will compete in National Finals having won their way through Tipperary, Munster and this week’s bouts. Tyrick Delaney, Jayden Setters and Katie Hutchinson are in contention a national title in their respective age category. Tyrick and Jayden are scheduled to box between 8.30pm and 9.30pm tonight and  Katie’s final is set for Saturday between 1 and 2pm. Since Tipperary town boxing club was formed in 2012 the club has produced 7 different female national titles but a male national title has been elusive to date.  Two other members of Tipperary Boxing Club – Lauren Long and Ava Freeman will fight in their National Championship bouts next week.