Protest Outside The Roscrea Rackett Hall To End


A protest outside the Rackett Hall hotel in Roscrea is to end. The protest led by members of the local community has been ongoing for 10 weeks since news emerged that the hotel would close for public use and would instead be used to accommodate refuges and asylum seekers.  This resulted in the town having no operating hotel.

The Department of Integration moved the first occupants into the former Hotel on January 15th.

The group say they are proud of their achievements and appreciate the support from near and far and are extending thanks for the support shown by local people and businesses. The Government indicated at the time that extra supports for communities hosting high levels of refugees and asylum seekers would be forthcoming.  Team Lowry Councillor Shane Lowry says a number of areas needing more resources were shared with the Department as far back as October 2023. A plan to bring a currently vacant smaller hotel in the town centre back into use is being examined by the Government and local Fianna Fáil Councillor  Micheal Smith and Jackie Cahill TD.

The group in Roscrea say they have also “learned that our government including some local councillors and TDs in fact do not care about the Irish people.”

The group is thanking Councillor Shane Lee along with Mattie McGrath TD and Carol Nolan TD for their support.