Further Information Regarding Planning Application For Driving Test Centre On Bothercrowe Rd Requested


Tipperary County Council Planning office is requesting further information from the Office of Public Works(OPW) in respect of a planning application for a driving test centre at Government buildings on Bohercrowe road, Tipperary town. The decision on the initial application was due today. The OPW is seeking permission for the relocation of existing Vehicular and Pedestrian entrances on Bohercrowe Road with new associated Car Park and ancillary site works to provide a New Road Safety Authority Driving Test Centre located within the existing Government Offices Building.  Permission is also being sought for a new external entrance, ramp and steps.

The existing driving test centre is currently located at the Canon Hayes Recreation Centre(CHRC) – the lease at the CHRC would cease if the new location is established.

The application, reference number 2360660, received one submission. The submission outlined concerns about the suitability of the proposed location for driving test centre on a number of grounds such as lack of adequate parking space for driving instructor and those taking the driving test, a lack of toilets and a lack of adequate space for parking mini busses or small rigid trucks if the applicant was taking such a test.  The submission, from a resident on the street, also raised concerns about the impact the additional vehicles attending the proposed test centre would have on sightlines for those exiting/entering properties on the road.