TDs Asking To Halt Plans For NCT To Only Accept Online Payments, Bank Drafts Or Postal Orders


Independent Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath is asking the Transport Minister Eamon Ryan to halt plans announced by the NCTS to only accept online payments, bank drafts or postal orders.  Deputy McGrath says the current contract with the provider, which is to run until 2030, should be revised if necessary, to ensure the option of paying with cash remains available. The Rural TDs are also criticising the Government’s failure to enact ‘Access to Cash legislation,’ a recommendation approved by the Dáil in March following the Rural TDs motion on the issue. This legislation would place a legal obligation on all businesses to accept cash as tender.

The termination of cash payments by a publicly funded service’s contracted operator is wholly unacceptable according to Deputy McGrath.

Aontú is also calling on the NCTS to reverse their decision to get rid of cash.  The Party notes that the Central Bank and Government representatives have repeatedly stated a willingness to maintain and protect the option of paying by cash for goods and services, yet a mandatory state service is going to force people to pay for their car test online.

NCTS says bank drafts and postal orders will be acceptable in addition to online payments and justifies the change as it says there is a high level of no-shows  – 2,500 per week and late cancellations of 1,000 each week.

At present the average lead time for an appointment is 21 days – Cahir reports 23.6 days while Nenagh reports 21.13. days.

The company says overtime to provide cover for annual leave and additional shifts are being offered to staff to it’s staff of 634 vehicle inspectors to cope with demand.

NCTS hopes to have an additional 50 vehicle inspectors, the vast majority of these coming from the Philippines by early 2024.

The price list for an NCT

•             Full Test: €55.00 Euro

•             Re-test: €28.00 Euro

•             Cancellation Fee Full Test – €22.00 Euro

•             Cancellation Fee Re-test -€11.50 Euro

•             Total price to be paid if cancelling a full test: €77.00 Euro (if not providing the required notice period)

Customers typically book their tests online but customers can also book their NCT through the call centre by phoning (01 – 4135992) .