Rural Independent Group To Oppose Proposed ‘Road Usage Charge’ Scheme


The Rural Independent Group of TDs says it will oppose plans for a proposed ‘Road Usage Charge’ scheme, denouncing it as yet another unjust attack on hardworking car owners and rural dwellers by the government.

The government is said to be examining the scheme as revenue to the State from taxes and duties on the sale of fuel is expected to decline as more electric vehicle are used by Irish motorists.

 Deputy Mattie McGrath says under the plan, commuters could face what he calls an exorbitant fee of €38 for a single journey from Maynooth to Central Dublin, while the fee for a Cork to Dublin road journey could be set at €163.  The Tipperary TD says the plan would severely impact road haulage and transport operators, driving up prices on everything from food to public transport.

 Deputy McGrath wants the Taoiseach and the Transport Minister to rule out the possible use of such a funding model.