Cllr Burgess Seeks Traffic Calm Measures For Dualla Road In Cashel


Councillor Declan Burgess is seeking traffic calming measures on the Dualla Road in Cashel after local resident’s associations raised safety concerns.

The Council recently completed a speed review on the road and the Councillor secured a commitment at yesterday’s MD meeting that Council engineers will review the speed survey data and determine an appropriate approach to the issue of speeding.

The survey revealed that drivers were travelling at speeds of over 72 km/h on average in what is a 50/60km zone area.

The Councillor’s second motion at the meeting also got a favourable response as officials confirmed that sections of the footpaths in Oliver Plunkett Park estate in Cashel are to be replaced later this year. 

Cllr Burgess had a third motion for consideration that sought the installation of water refill stations as part of future public realm upgrades to benefit visitors and to also help reduce the sale of plastic bottles.

The Council Executive is to investigate the sustainability and feasibility of including water refilling stations in any future public realm projects.