Concerns Raised Over Site Work At Former Tipp Town Workhouse

Site works at the former Tipperary Town Workhouse have caused some concern in recent days.
Foliage growth has been removed using mechanical equipment at the site of the former workhouse and church.
Local Councillor Anne Marie Ryan says the Council are removing overgrowth from the site but will not be doing any work  near the area where burials took place in the past.

Photo Credit: Catherine Fogarty

Cllr Ryan says there is no information on any future plans but expresses regret that the original plan to refurbish the site for use as a hostel was not completed.
The Tipperary Town hostel project ended in turmoil in 2010 after several million euros were spent on plans to bring the workhouse back into use as a tourism facility.
The site overlooks the town and includes a church at the location on Station Road.
Tipp Mid West Radio has sought an update from Tipperary County Council as to it’s intentions in respect of the significant and historic site.