Protest To Be Held At Barronstown Cross To Highlights Dangers


Campaigners for road safety measures at Barronstown Crossroads, located between Tipperary town and Limerick Junction, are to hold a further protest at the site on Friday April 14th at 4.30pm.

The group are inviting public representatives, TDs, members of An Garda Siochana, Transport Infrastructure Ireland(TII), local residents and members of the media to attend to see first-hand the hazards evident at the junction.

The group are hoping to get Tipperary County Council to admit the area is an accident black spot, give a commitment to take action and give the group an opportunity to propose solutions. 

Transport Infrastructure Ireland states that the location is not listed as a collision location but that improvements to the sight lines were identified during Road Safety Inspections at the location.

To progress such works TII says Tipperary County Council(TCC) needs to submit a Feasibility and Options Report.

For it’s part TCC says “the roads capital office of Tipperary Council has sought details of historical data from TII in respect of recorded incidents at this junction and once this information is received the office will carry out an assessment as to any actions that are appropriate” – such actions to be subject to approval from TII and available funding.

The entire N24 between Cahir and Oola has been subjected to detailed analysis as part of the overall N24 upgrade project currently preparing a planning application to be submitted in 2024.