The Option Selection Report For The Cahir Towards Oola Road Project Published Today


The Option Selection report for the Cahir towards Oola Road Project has been published today on the project website – the report had been expected in September 2022.  The executive summary sets out the process to date and the problems the transport solution tries to address. The Option Selection Report contains all of the supporting detail behind each step in the analysis during Phase 2, documenting both the assessments undertaken and the decisions made to date. The proposed route for a new road has been narrowed down to a 100m wide corridor but all parts of the broader study area may possibly be impacted by the project until final decisions are taken.  The transport solution has several elements including new road construction, new streets in Tipperary town to facilitate connectivity and the provision of active travel measures, demand management measures and to a lesser extent public transport measures.  

The report is available in several smaller volumes or as one overall report that is 1,612 pages in length. The report can be found on the website.  The project is currently at phase 3 of 7 phases to completion. The current work is focused on developing the design of the Preferred Transport Solution identified in Phase 2 and undertaking an environmental evaluation of the design to a sufficient level of detail to establish land take requirements and to progress the project through the planning process.

The design team, led by ARUP Consultants, hope to submit a planning application for the entire project which includes a by-pass of Tipperary town and several villages along the existing N24 road in 2024.

The project team continues to be available to answer any questions and a meeting can be arranged by using the online booking facility on the project website or by phoning 061 951000.