HSE Warns Of Criminal Setting Up Fake Website To Offer Health Services

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

The HSE is warning of criminals setting up fake HSE websites and offering HSE related services.

The HSE says if it finds or is notified of such sites it takes action to have it removed. However, scam artists are able to quickly set up new fake sites.

The HSE recommends that people stay vigilant and warns that people should never give their bank details or PIN to someone over the phone or online.

The HSE does not charge for COVID-19 related services, including testing and contract tracing and texts indicating otherwise should be ignored.

There is no charge for COVID-19 vaccines through the HSE.

The HSE advises that people contact their helpline at 1800 700 700 or the Garda with any suspicions.

If possible, provide the Garda with a screenshot of any suspicious email or text messages.

The HSE is also asking that this warning be widely shared to make people aware of  these scam messages.