Tipp People Urged To Give Blood At Thurles Clinic

Logo of the Irish Blood Transfusion Service
Donations of blood are in high demand according to the Irish Blood Transfusion Service as donation clinic is to take place in Thurles next week.
There is currently a high level of demand from hospitals.
The service says 1 in 4 of people will need a blood transfusion in their lifetime and highlight that 1 blood donation may save three lives.
Texts will be sent to regular donors and the Board is appealing to these people to make an appointment  – the contact number is  1800 731137.
Donors are asked to review the eligibility quiz available on Giveblood.ie.
Anyone interested in becoming a  blood donor is advised to go to the giveblood.ie website and register their interest.
The donation clinics in Thurles will run on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday , 1st, 2nd, 3rd& Sunday 6thNovember 2022.
The clinic will be held at the Dome near Semple Stadium on the Nenagh Road each day between 4.45pm and 8pm.
Appointments may be booked on 1800 222 111. Existing and new blood donors are welcome.