Cashel Chamber Sets Up Petition To Save AIB Banks


A local Chamber says A.I.B decision to end cash services in Cahir and Cashel is a further kick in the teeth for the area.

Cashel Chamber of Commerce President says the removal of these service is unacceptable to the business community in the town.

Chamber President says while there are other options proposed through An Post, it will not involve the facility of drop safes and night safes or coins orders and Bank Drafts for businesses.

Martin Lynch says ‘he’s amazed to learn that A.I.B Bank is to make these sweeping change in both Cashel and Cahir. 

Mr Martin says it will also hit many tourists who visit daily and who rely on access to cash to manage their holidays.

Mr. Lynch says it’s completely unacceptable to expect businesses and members of the public to have to travel to Tipperary Town, Thurles or Clonmel to complete their basis banking activities.

He added that although many services and retailers are now accepting card payments and An Post will offer Third Party Banking Services for A.I.B customers, there is still a substantial requirement for full banking services in Cashel and Cahir, including ATM machines in both towns. 

It follows the announcement A.I.B will no longer offer cash and cheque services at the counter or through machines inside the branch – which mean the bank will not have notes, coins, cheques, foreign exchange or Bank Drafts.

They will also remove any drop safes and night safes used by businesses and the ATM outside these branches will also be removed.

In conclusion the Cashel Chamber of Commerce says it does not believe it is too much to expect that basic banking services are provided in both towns by A.I.B and I would ask them to reconsider their position for Cashel and Cahir.

They’re urging people to sign their petition to Save Our Local Bank, you can place your signature by clicking here.