Irish Consumers Urged To Be Prepared For Summer Holiday Cancellations


Irish Consumers are advised to be prepared for cancellations on summer holidays by the European Consumer Centre (ECC). The advice for intending travellers is to be fully aware of what cancellations they are covered for, depending on the booking type and the terms and conditions of contracts with various travel service operators.

The European Consumer protection agency has issued advice around the 4 Rs  – namely research  into your destination and operators that serve it, with package holidays recommended for convenience and protection.  If not booking a holiday package, in order to avoid possible problems, consumers should look for flexible terms on their reservations. Consumers are reminded that their rights vary based on the type of holiday.

Consumers are also encouraged to report problems to the ECC if they cannot reach a resolution themselves. The third R relates to redress – greater financial protection is afforded if the booking payment is made by credit card. Consumers should note that banks are not legally obliged to operate the refund at your request, and all chargebacks require thorough investigations. The final R relates to recouping the funds spent and holiday insurance is recommended. Consumers are also advised to leave reviews for both negative and positive experiences to encourage better performance by businesses and to warn other passengers.Full details can be found here.