Royal Couple Begin Irish Visit in Waterford


Prince Charles and his wife Camilla have today (Thursday) commenced a visit to Ireland.

Starting in Waterford, the Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall will tomorrow visit the towns of Cashel and Cahir.

The Prince began a speech in Waterford today by saying “Tá áthas an domhain orainn a bheith anseo i bPort Lairg,” which translates as “We have the ‘joy of the world’ to be here in Waterford.”

He also repeated his wish to visit every county in Ireland before “senility takes over.”

The Royal Couple today visited Reginald’s Castle and were treated to a viking re-enactment in Ireland’s oldest city.

His Royal Highness revealed how funeral prayer ‘Death is Nothing at All’, which the Carmelite monks in Tallow popularised was inspired by a sermon given at the funeral of his great great-grandfather, King Edward VII.