Temperatures Could Hit Over 30 Degrees In Tipperary


Tipperary and the rest of country is now under a yellow weather warning in respect of high temperatures.

It’s valid from now on until 9pm on Tuesday.

There are also warnings of some thunderstorms especially on Tuesday as the high temperatures end.

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday “exceptionally warm weather” will occur over Ireland with daytime temperatures of 25C to 30C  expected with some areas particularly inland such as Tipperary reaching up to 32C in places on Monday. 

It will remain uncomfortably warm overnight too with night time temperatures ranging from 15 to 20 degrees.

Possible hazards include sun burn, heat stress and fires and   water-related incidents. 

People are advised to cover up, wear SPF protection, seek shade, and stay hydrated.

The public are asked to  not light fires in or near forests, recreational areas or other amenities and to be conscious of the dry conditions.

Homes can be kept cooler during the day by keeping blinds closed and then opening windows in the evening time.  

The record for the highest temperature  in Ireland comes from 1887 when a temperature of 33.3 C was recorded in Kilkenny Castle.

The second highest record is a more recent recording from 2006 when a temperature of 32.3 C was noted.