Government Report on Illegal Adoptions to be Published Shortly


The issue of illegal adoptions in Ireland is to be the subject of a report to be published today, Monday.

The report by Professor Conor O’Mahony, the Government’s Special Rapporteur on Child Protection will recommend the establishment of a State Inquiry in the form of a truth commission.

In addition, it recommends that those affected by illegal birth registrations should receive a State apology.

An RTE Investigates programme revealed that the affected adoptees were registered at birth as if they were the biological children of their adoptive parents.

The report has determined that the State knew the criminal offence of illegal birth registrations was happening and failed to intervene.

In many of the cases, the illegal registration denied people the opportunities to connect with biological family members.

The report recommends wide-scale reform of the birth register with the State to take possession of all adoption files in existence and the enactment of proposed adoption tracing legislation giving unqualified access to personal information to be completed as a matter of urgency.