Pledge Accommodation Website Launches For Ukrainian Refugees


People will now be able to register with the Irish Red Cross to pledge accommodation and other services to refugees.

The government and the Irish Red Cross have opened a process for people to register accommodation and other services.

Details can be found at the website Funded by the government the Irish Red Cross is now working to organise accommodation for Ukrainian refugees expected to arrive in Ireland over the coming days and weeks.

Those making offers of accommodation are advised that not all offers may be called upon in the immediate term and the situation will evolve over time.

There are estimates that Ireland might accept over 80,000 refugees.

Three Ireland and the Web summit have offered technical assistance to enable the Pledge of Help register to go live. 

The government is giving refugees immediate PPN numbers, medical cards and the right to work for at least the next 3 years.

Any Ukrainians entering colleges will be treated as Irish students according to Minister Simon Harris meaning no international fees and access to grants