Local Business Urges Community To Help Ukrainians


Happy Bubble Laundry is calling on the community to support Ukraine and their people.

It follows the invasion of the country by Russia on Thursday.

The Happy Bubble Laundry on the Bansha road in Tipp Town is accepting donations of items for refugees from Ukraine during normal operating hours. The goods will be transported to Poland and to Ukraine if possible.

People are being encouraged to drop off the following items:

  1. Sleepers, blankets, thermos, towels, bedding (new unused)
  2. Diapers and pads
  3. Personal hygiene products (hair shampoo, bath gel, soap, deodorants, paste and toothbrushes)
  4. Bandages (bandages, detergent gas, disinfectant, patches, syringes, scarves, scarves, painkillers)
  5. Tea & coffee
  6. Dumplings (soups, beans, goulash, pigeons)
  7. Foods (cheese, rice, pasta, flakes, oatmeal)
  8. Soups (in a package)
  9. Baby food ( formula milk powder, boxes or bottles; food in jars and sachets)
  10. Disposable cutlery and plates, kitchen towels
  11. Sweets (chocolate , bars)
  12. Rice waffles and crackers
  13. Karma for the animals
  14. Toys for kids teddy bear
  15. Notebooks, blocks, pencils, coloring books
  16. Flashes , batteries

The business took to social media say they couldn’t just sit, watching the news and do nothing, they felt they need to help the eastern European country.

For further information contact Violet 0860680009