Tidy Towns Group Say Tipperary Is “Not An Attractive Place” For Visitors


Tipperary Tidy Towns has published an opinion piece from a new volunteer with the group.

The volunteer notes what they call general untidiness and lack of respect for the public areas which they attribute to bad manners and poor education. The volunteer claimed that litter bins nearly non existent and mostly overflowing, both because they are insufficient and because they are not emptied frequently enough. The Tipperary town tidy towns member noted that some bins are regularly used by residents to dump their domestic waste  especially along the river area. Dumping in parks and green space was noted and the volunteer claimed that – some spots, especially around SuperValu, the Carry Out off licence and Council Car parks  have been taken over by junkies.



The volunteer expressed the view that an army of volunteers would be required to actually improve the general state of maintenance of the public areas and that this  contributed to a town that was not an attractive place for visitors or tourists at the moment, despite having a lot of potential in this respect.  On a positive note the volunteer noted that a lot could be achieved in collaboration with the Council and cited a recent clean up of the Church Well on Davitt St as an example of such improvement.