Johnson & Johnson Jab To Be Recommended For Over 50s


The National Immunisation Advisory Committee is expected to recommend the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for those aged 50 and older in Ireland. However, it could also be used for younger people if there is no option of another vaccine, and for those who live in hard-to-reach communities. The NIAC advice will be considered by NPHET and they will pass on their advice to the Minister for Health. The Government will then advise the Health Service Executive on how it should proceed with the vaccine.

Elsewhere, the HSE has said that the National Ambulance Service will increase capacity in the next few weeks in order to accelerate the delivery of vaccines to those who are housebound. Over 1,800 people have been referred by their GPs for the service but frustration has been expressed by some families who are still waiting for a vaccine. The issue is to be raised by the Irish Rural Link Network with the Department of Health. The HSE said the project is complex, involving the triaging of referrals, logistics of vaccine delivery and the requirement for over 30 minutes at each residence.

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