Further Clarity On Davitt St. Diversions Requested.


Locals who are concerned at preparations to divert traffic from Davitt St through a roundabout at the junction of O’Brien St and O’Connell Road have called on the local authority to provide more clarity on their plans.

The issue was under discussion at a public meeting in Tipperary town last night.

The meeting was attended by around 50 people representing residents and local businesses, who are concerned at the impact that additional traffic going through their area would have on their lives and livelihoods.

They are also unhappy with the council for planning the traffic diversion measures without prior consultation.

It was agreed at the meeting that the council must provide clarity on how it plans to divert traffic; in what direction that traffic would go and what safety measures have been considered.

It was further agreed that council officials be called upon to meet with representatives of the area for an in-depth discussion on the matter, while the officials are also expected to be called upon to outline whether they exhausted all alternatives before coming up with the current plan.

Cllrs John Crosse and Martin Browne were present at last night’s meeting, as was Deputy Mattie McGrath and local election candidate Tony Black.