Anger at Latest Instance of Animal Mistreatment

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Outrage has been widely expressed today after a video posted on social media showed yet another instance of animal mistreatment.

The video, which was taken by a passerby, shows a pony which has collapsed in a distressed state, being mistreated while being released from a sulky only to be dragged to the side of the road in the Heywood Road area of Clonmel.

The video has been shared thousands of times on social media.

The incident happened yesterday afternoon at around 4 pm and Clonmel Gardai are investigating.

Gardai and the ISPCA are appealing to the public to contact them with any information they can provide. Clonmel Gardai can be contacted on (052) 617 7640.

The incident has prompted widespread outrage, with a local councilor, Martin Lonergan demanding the introduction of an Animal Welfare Officer in the county. He is also calling for a bill ‘aimed at comprehensively addressing the growing problem of illegal sulky racing on country roads’ to be supported, and has said that quarterly inspections of areas where horses are knowingly kept, should be introduced, to ensure they are being treated in a proper manner.