8th Amendment Referendum: How Tipp voted

Image © Pixabay.com

Voters in Tipperary have voted yes in favour of a proposal to amend the constitution in the Referendum on the regulation of termination of pregnancy held on May 25th.

Voter turnout was high both locally and nationally. The ‘yes’ vote at 59.1% was lower in Tipperary when compared with the national average of 66.4%. The referendum has been ‘carried’ and the constitution will be amended. Article 40.3.3, introduced in 1983 and known as the “Eighth Amendment” will be deleted and replaced with “Provision may be made by law for the regulation of termination of pregnancy”. The Government will now move to introduce relevant legislation.

Here are the results of the referendum vote in Tipperary.  For full national and other constituency vote results please visit referendum.ie

ElectorateTotal PollInvalid (Spoiled)Total Valid PollVotes in Favour (Yes)Vote Against (No)