Majority South Tipperary GP’s now signed up to free GP care for under 6’s

The majority of GPs in South Tipperary have now signed up to the scheme that offers free GP care to children under the age of six.
Initially, when the scheme was being organised, the South Tipperary region had the lowest number of GPs signing up for the scheme

They claimed that the terms and conditions they were being asked to sign up to at first were unclear and could lead to delays in people getting GP appointments. GPs were also concerned that the HSE was not taking note of the additional workload GPs were likely to experience as a result of the scheme.
However, the National Association of General Practitioners has now said that most GPs in the area have since signed up to the scheme after what the organisation describes as ‘positive negotiations’ took place between the NAGP and the HSE.
The organisation says that in those talks the HSE has given assurances that the development of community-based services in primary care will be considered for inclusion in the estimates and service plan for 2016.   
The HSE has also agreed to recognise the NAGP’s role as a GP representative body.