Tipperary had third highest death toll from workplace accidents in 2014


Figures from the Health and Safety Authority show that 7 people lost their lives in the country last year as a result of incidents while they were working.

2014 was a devastating year for work-related accidents across the country.

Fatalities in the Agriculture sector increased by 87% with 30 people killed.

In Tipperary, seven people died in workplace accidents two men were killed in April when the lorry they were driving crashed on the outskirts of Clonmel.

A South Tipperary Vet was killed when he was struck by an animal in July while a 31-year-old died in Cashel when he was trapped under a vehicle in June.

The amount of people killed in work-related accidents in Tipperary is the third highest in the country, behind Cork with 9 deaths and Dublin where 8 people died.