TD has said that strict Government terms are forcing GPs to emigrate.


Michael Lowry has said that the failure of the HSE to fill a GP post at a Co Tipperary health centre shows how government policy has forced many doctors to emigrate. 

The Tipperary TD was pointing out that medical card holders who attend the health centre in Ballysloe and Gortnahoe recently received letters from the HSE to notify them that their current GP will be retiring in December and advised them to select from a list provided, an alternative GP from the surrounding area.

Deputy Lowry says that he subsequently contacted the HSE to urge the executive to find a replacement for the GP. Otherwise he said it would have serious consequences for the health centre and locals would have to travel to neighbouring towns to avail of GP care.

However he was told that the position had been advertised but no applications were recieved. The TD was told that this is probably due to a severe lack of GPs across the country.

Commenting afterwards, Deputy Lowry said that he believes so many doctors are being forced to emigrate as they can avail of more favourable terms and conditions abroad, rather than have to deal with the strict terms imposed by the government here.