Family request independent investigation into death of Tipperary man in Santa Cruz in 2009


The mother and sister of Michael Dwyer, the Tipperary man who was shot dead in Santa Cruz in 2009 are to travel out to Bolivia this week.

The family will be looking for meetings with senior Bolivian officials, and will present ,in persdon their request for a full, independent and international investigation into killing of Michael.

the Bolivian authorities have claimed that Mr Dwyer was killed in a shoot out at the Las Americas Hotel in Santa Cruz in April 2009. however an autopsy report completed by the Irish State patologist Marie Cassidy and an independent report completed by the Uk Lleading forensics expert, Keith Bore both indicate that Michael was unarmed when he was killed.

In June Michael's mother Caroline travelled to Brazil where she met with Marcelo Soza the former Bolivian chief prosecutor who is seeking refugee status in Brazil.

Mr Sozo indicated that, in his view Michael was unarmed when killed and that he found no evidence that Michael was knowingly involved in any subversive activity.

As well as trying to meet government officials, the family will visit the hotel where Michael was killed and speak to a range of people who were connected to him.