TD’s penalty points exemption


It has emerged today that Independent TD Michael Lowry is one of a number of Dail members who have refused to reveal whether or not they have used a special exemption which allows TDs to get their penalty points wiped.

The issue of TDs getting their penalty points quashed has been the subject of investigation by the Irish Examiner newspaper following the recent controversy over TD Luke "Ming" Flanagan having points removed despite raising the matter as a subject of concern in the Dail.

The newspaper contacted a number of TDs, 76% of whom said they nervr had penalty points removed. 5 TDs refused to comment and 32 failed to respond to queries.

Among those who refused to comment were Fianna Fail's Timmy Dooley and Niall Collins, Fine Gael's Paul Kehoe and Independant TDs Michael Healy Rae and Michael Lowry.