People Of Limerick Will Be Given Vote To Elect Mayor


Major reforms in local government in Limerick are to take effect after legislation completed it’s passage through the Oireachtas yesterday.

A direct election to appoint a Mayor of Limerick will now be included in the ballot with the Local and European Elections in early June, most likely on June 7th

Under the legislation, the directly elected mayor will take on many of the executive functions, which currently rest with the Council Chief Executive Officer and will also take on a range of new functions, supported by a budget to implement the Mayor’s programme and priorities.

The new law also makes provision for holding of plebiscites in other local authority areas on the question of whether to directly elect a Mayor.

In 2019, referendums were held in Limerick, Waterford, and Cork over the prospect of these cities having directly elected Mayors.

Only voters in Limerick approved the change at the time.