Temporary Garda Station Building To Be Leased In Cashel During Refurbishment Period

Deputy Michael Lowry

Tipperary Independent TD Michael Lowry says he has been given assurances that a temporary building will be leased in Cashel to provide a Garda Station when the building on Hogan Square closes for refurbishment. The Station in Cashel is currently only open for 9 hours per week. Deputy Lowry says the provision is not satisfactory but notes that Garda numbers are down in all areas and says the demands on Garda to complete paperwork means they sometimes have to work behind closed doors.

Deputy Lowry welcomes the increase in the Garda training allowance for recruits in training at the Garda College in Templemore but says the number of Garda retiring is a concern due to the experience and knowledge that is lost when the retirees leave the force.

The TD also expressed concern for the situation  in Roscrea which currently has 7 Garda  down from 24 a few years ago. The comments come in light of increases in the population in Roscrea due to local employment opportunities, and plans for upwards of  600 people to arrive in Roscrea based on a combination of  420 Ukrainian Refugees and approximately 150 International Protection Applicants.

Deputy Lowry says improved measures at ports of entry is a key action required from the Government to properly vet people applying for asylum in Ireland and also welcomes  plans to review the level of support granted to refugees and asylum seekers.