Tipperary Town Residents Appeal For Support With Serious Sewage Problem


Residents in several houses in Tipperary town are appealing for support to deal with a serious problem with sewage. Some Residents living in houses on the east side of the Cashel road have sewage bubbling up in their yards and bathrooms. The problem is particularly bad in some properties where gardens are flooding, and walls are showing signs of being undermined.

In a response to Tipp Mid West Radio Uisce Eireann say they have “completed an investigation of the public sewer (on the road) and also located where there is some damage to the private side drains and shared this information with relevant residents.”  Uisce Eireann says “It remains the responsibility of the residents to complete repairs to private side drains.”  Residents also contacted Tipperary County Council officials to no avail despite the fact that historically the Local Authority, aware of ongoing problems, regularly maintained/cleared the sewage pipes. Two local councillors Anne Marie Ryan and Tony Black visited the homes last week and are urging Uisce Eireann to intervene.

The residents are also enlisting the help of former Tipp TD Seamus Healy to raise the matter with the Ombudsman. Information about the extent of the sewage appearing in some of the properties between numbers 24 and 39 Cashel Road has also been forwarded to the HSE Environmental Health Officer in a bid to secure an intervention. The residents say the existing shared pipe for sewage, which may be damaged, is made from clay and was installed pre 1930. The residents propose that a possible solution is to link the houses to an existing 9 inch modern pipe that passes the rear of the Cashel Road houses taking sewage from houses further out the Cashel road to the waste network.