Irish People Encouraged To Consider Taking Vitamin D Supplement To Help COVID Resilience


Health experts are continuing to push for Ireland to include Vitamin D as part of the national strategy to battle Covid-19. There has been a growing awareness, and a mounting body of scientific research into the benefits of sufficient Vitamin-D levels in the body, and its ability to boost the immune system, which might help individuals to both fight the virus after infection, as well as help, prevent virus transmission.

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that has a large number of benefits to the body. It helps in the absorption of calcium, thus helping fight brittle bones and osteoporosis. However, it also plays a vital role in metabolism, cardiovascular disease prevention, the immune system, and strengthening muscles. The Vitamin is known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” as it is one of the few vitamins which the human body is capable of generating itself, in a process whereby the skin can absorb sunlight and synthesise the vitamin. However, as Ireland is one of many countries which does not enjoy abundant sunshine due to its latitude, it’s believed that the vast majority of adults in Ireland are deficient in Vitamin D. Those with darker coloured skin are also prevented from synthesising Vitamin D in large amounts, due to the melanin in darker skin preventing the absorption of sufficient sunlight.

Health experts are advising all Irish people to consider taking a Vitamin D supplement, alongside ensuring to spend some time in natural daylight every day, to prevent Vitamin D deficiency. The general public is advised to consult their GP or Pharmacist for advice on Vitamin D supplementation.

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