Statement Released By Dundrum House Hotel Following IP Emergency Accommodation Centre Announcement


Dundrum House Hotel has posted a lengthy statement on it’s social media page following a notification this week by Tipperary County Council that the facility is to be used as a “new IP Emergency Accommodation Centre.” The Government funds two categories of accommodation one for Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection (Ukrainian Refugees) and the second is for International Protection Applicants (Asylum seekers).

The hotel statement says there has been “incorrect coverage and misinformation relating to plans to place International Protection Applicants in Dundrum House Hotel”.

The statement continues to say “The Management at Dundrum House Hotel wish to confirm that there is currently a Ukrainian Contract in place to accommodate 277 International Protection Applicants. This contract has been in place since September 2022. Contrary to speculation within the local media and various social media channels, we have in no way agreed to add to or indeed enter discussions concerning an increase of the numbers as stipulated within this existing contract with IPAS.”

The Hotel seems to refer to Ukrainian Refugees and Asylum seekers from around the world as the same category of resident which is not accurate. A response has been sought from Dundrum House Hotel.

The Hotel says it’s current contract for accommodation for Ukrainian refugees is for 277 persons and that it will keep the number of residents at this level by accepting female women and children asylum seekers if any existing residents leave.  The hotel says it will be using holiday homes within the curtilage of Dundrum House Hotel to accommodate the persons on behalf of the State.

The Statement concludes by saying “We wish to allay any fears locally of additional International Protection applicants arriving in Dundrum at this time.” And adds that the hotel will  “accept women and children only to replace the people who have vacated the holiday homes.”

Members of the community of Dundrum and public representatives have a range of concerns about the news of a “new IP Emergency Accommodation Centre” being established at the complex as this could be a long term use of the complex and may need to secure a full assessment for suitability and planning permission before any asylum seekers are accommodated. A small peaceful protest is being staged at the entrance gate by members of the local community.

The Department of Integration issued a briefing document on Wednesday May 29th that describes Dundrum House Hotel as “a hybrid property accommodating people seeking international protection and Beneficiaries of Temporary protection.”  The Department also says that “all statutory requirements relating to the establishment and management of emergency accommodation are being met by the service provider, including health and safety, fire, building regulations and other requirements.”

As of May 22nd   8,256 IP applicants have arrived in Ireland – the total for 2023 was  12,281.