Two Heritage Signs In Tipperary Hills Area To Be Restored


Two heritage signs that were recently removed from the Tipperary Hills area will shortly both be restored.

The signs were reported missing on May 21st by Tipperary Tidy towns. Council staff recovered one of the signs in the Hollow area of the Hills, a 23 acre amenity on the West side of the town, and the second sign has now been recovered and returned to the Council.

The first sign which has already been restored to it’s location details some of the town’s experience during the War of Independence and overlooks the spot where local man Michael Edmonds died in December 1920 at the hands of Crown Forces.

The second sign is situated at the foreground of the Norman Motte feature in the Hills.

Investment of over €600,000  late last year has seen, new pathways, new entrance steps and hand railings,  new seating, new planting, a dog exercise area, a Peace Path dedicated to the recipients of the Tipperary International Peace Award, a stairs to the top of the Motte, improvements to the kick about area and the 7 heritage signs installed to help make the area more appealing to local residents and an attraction for visitors.