Local Election Candidate Calls For More Supports For Parents Regarding Online Child Safety


Local Election Candidate Tom Hennessy believes local Government should do more to support parents when it comes to issues of online child safety.

“As a parent of 4 Kids, with one still in primary school Mr Hennessy says he knows the pressure parents feel to start getting smart phones from as early as first class.

Citing the Credit Union ‘Back to School survey’ which reveals that 80% of parents support a ban on smart phones in primary school Mr Hennessy says the issue is an opportunity for the local government in Tipperary to lead by example and help schools transition to ‘phone free zones’.

Mr Hennessy says the action is needed to let kids be kids without these pressures.”

While the candidate favours Tipperary Council introducing a county wide directive, advising a ban on smart phones, to all primary schools and says he would put forward such a motion the proposal is not within the remit of the Council’s functions.