Council Successfully Prosecutes In West Tipp Illegal Dumping Case


Tipperary County Council has successfully prosecuted a case in respect of illegal dumping in West Tipperary.

At a hearing in Nenagh District Court Judge Elizabeth MacGrath heard evidence given by the Council’s Waste Enforcement Officer and convicted the individual responsible for offences under the Waste Management Act imposing penalties of €4,000, legal and investigative costs of €8,000 and six months in prison subject to the site being cleaned by June 2024.

The court heard that the Council’s investigative costs were €8,798 and it’s legal costs were €18,000. Failure to remediate the site will activate the prison sentence.

The material was found in a quarry and consisted of construction waste, glass, metal, tyres and mattress components.

The Council says the illegal dumping poses a risk to the environment.