New Development Of 10 Social Houses Planned For Hollyford


A new development of 10 social houses is planned for the village of Hollyford.  The scheme will be led by the local St Vincent De Paul branch who have built 19 social houses in the parish over a 30 year period. Applications for the houses will be considered from anyone on the Tipperary social housing list even if they have not listed Hollyford as one of their preference areas. The aim of the development is to provide housing and also to halt decline in the parish population and the numbers attending the local school.

People who are already approved to be on the council housing list and interested in one of the homes are asked to contact the Tipperary County Council Housing section and ask for Hollyford to be added to their existing areas of choice. Those who have not yet applied for social housing but would live in Hollyford are advised to complete a social housing application to determine if they are eligible while also listing Hollyford as one of their location preferences.  The site for the houses is identified and it is already serviced with water and waste water services and also has excellent wi fi access to the internet.