Lastest Overcrowding Figures Released Show 77 Patients On Trolleys In Limerick


593 admitted patients are waiting for beds in the nation’s hospitals today according to today’s Irish Nurses and Midwifes Organisation (INMO) Trolley Watch. 447 patients are waiting in the emergency department, while 146 are in wards elsewhere in the relevant hospital
There were no patients on trolleys in TUH in Clonmel when the data was compiled by the nursing union earlier today. Nenagh Hospital reports 3 patient receiving care on a trolley today.

Overcrowding remains a huge problem in UHL where a total of 77 patients experienced delayed admission today – 33 patients are on trolleys in the Emergency Department and a further 47 admitted patients are accommodated by placing their trolley in some ward of the hospital. Hospital Management have been responding to the situation by cancelling some elective procedures to help increase bed capacity by using beds in day wards.