Motion Regarding Delivery Speed Of Modular Housing Units To Be Considered Today


Tipperary County Councillors are to consider a motion from Independent Councillor Seamus Morris in respect of speeding up the delivery of housing by using modular units. The councillor says he is inundated with pleas for help  in respect of sourcing accommodation with some of his constituents also under a Notice to Quit from their landlord.  107 Notices to Quit have been issued in county Tipperary in the first quarter of 2024 according to the Residential Tenancies Board – nationally 4,810 notices have been issued in the first quarter. Residential Tenancies Board Data can be viewed here.

The councillor’s motion asks that the Minister declare a housing crisis and implements  emergency legislation similar to that used to house displaced Ukrainians. The councillor says the 4 step process used by  the Department of Housing is too slow in delivering social housing and wants the Government to look at other methods of delivering housing at pace including modular housing and an easing of the Local Need Rule in planning which he says is restricting people in rural Ireland from housing themselves on family sites. 

Tipperary County Council advises anyone receiving a Notice to Quit to make contact with the Council Housing section when the notice is received to allow the Council to be able to use the notice period to assist with sourcing alternative accommodation or in some cases the Council may be in a position to purchase the  house from the landlord and keep the person in situ as a Council tenant.