Labour Party Calls For Taoiseach Simon Harris To Meet With Tipperary Autism Campaigner


The Labour Party is calling on the newly elected Taoiseach Simon Harris to meet with a Tipperary Autism campaigner.

Speaking in the Dail Eirenn Labour leader Ivana Bacik says Ardfinnan’s Cara Darmody and her family who are deeply frustrated at the lack of action and that Cara has more information to provide to the Fine Gael Leader.

Ms Darmody previously got a commitment from the government that HSE would reimburse families who go private for autism assessment due to the long waiting lists – however this has yet to be implemented.

Ms Bacik reitrated her calls for immediate provision of financial relief for parents and caregivers forced to pay for private assessments and therapies until backlogs are cleared for families with children with Autism and Disabilities.

According to the Labour Leader 16,000 children remain on a waiting list awaiting an assessment.