Fodder Transport Support Measure Announced To Assist Livestock Farmers


The Government today announced the introduction of a Fodder Transport Support Measure to provide additional assistance to livestock farmers most severely affected by the prolonged exceptional weather conditions. Minister McConalogue says the measure builds on other measures such as pausing  all non-essential inspections and the co-ordination of advisory support to farmers by Teagasc to facilitate fodder transfers and advice over the recent period.

A financial contribution is being provided to offset transport costs of Hay, Fodder Beet, Straw and silage for feeding, where this involves a distance of more than 75 km.  Forage purchased prior to the 31st March (inclusive) is ineligible for the scheme. Co-op’s throughout the country will be facilitating the Fodder Transport Support Measure.  Application forms will be available on the Departments website shortly. The financial support ranges from  €8 per bale  to  €40 per bale of hay or silage or straw depending on size.  Pit silage, including maize silage, is covered by the measure as are bales of hay, silage, haylage and straw for feeding.