Businesses Encouraged To Apply For The Increased Cost Of Business Grant(ICOB) Scheme


Businesses across the county are being encouraged to submit their application in respect of the Increased Cost of Business Grant(ICOB)scheme. This scheme is only to run for this year and will see businesses receive a grant set at  50% of their rates bill for rate payers with bills up to €10,000.

For business with a rates bill of between €10,000 and €30,000 the grant is capped at €5,000. Council officials say to date 800 applications for the grant have been received. However the council is aware that upwards of 4,000 businesses in the county have been notified that they are eligible. The closing date to submit details to claim the grant is May 1st.

The Department of Enterprise introduced the scheme to assist businesses with increases in operating costs. Council officials say there is no flexibility as regards the cut off point – any business with a rates bill above  €30,000 is not eligible to apply.

The matter was discussed at today’s plenary meeting of Tipperary County Council. Cllr Kieran Bourke  is seeking clarification as to why businesses who do not directly pay the rates bill are excluded from the scheme. He highlighted the case of a local restaurant who are not eligible because the landlord pays the rate bill. The finance section of Tipperary County Council is seeking clarification from the Department in respect of businesses in such circumstances. Full details of the grant registration can be found at this link