Meeting Planned In Bansha To Consider Setting Up Community First Responder Team

Photo by Mikhail Nilov: PIXEL

A community meeting is planned for Templeneiry Church in Bansha next week to consider establishing a local Community First Responder team.

The meeting is being rescheduled from tomorrow to April 10th as one of the key speakers had to travel abroad due to a bereavement.

The meeting on April 10th will hear a presentation from the Community First responder co-coordinator with the National Ambulance Service  and  a member of Newcastle’s  First Responder group will also be in attendance.

If the community decides to proceed full training will be provided for those taking up a role as community first responder.

The role involves responding to a medical emergency situation locally following an alert from the National Ambulance Service even though an ambulance is being despatched to the location.

Their aim is to reach a potential life threatening emergency in the first vital minutes before the ambulance crew arrives.

Their role is to help stabilise the patient and provide the appropriate care including CPR & defibrillation, until the more highly skilled ambulance crew arrives on scene to take over the treatment.

The event in Bansha is being organised by Ms Helen Morrissey. 

General information about becoming a Community First Responder is available on the website website at this link here.